Discover Our Magical Little World

A weary traveller, who journeys down the rabbit hole towards Slumberland, is guaranteed to be revitalised on various levels by simply drinking a refreshing cup of Mad Hatter Tea.

Free Samples

Have a drink on the Madison Hatter!

For your two FREE samples of Mad Hatter Tea, simply send a large 1st class stamped addressed envelope to the Mad Hatter Team. We will send you two luxury tagged Mad Hatter teabags by return.

To qualify simply send a Large 1st class stamped addressed envelope to:

The Mad Hatter Tea Company
Tudor Court
DL10 7GA

Please read our Terms and Conditions.

Having had so many requests from around the world, please ensure your stamped addressed envelope is sufficient to cover the cost of 100g in postage from the UK to wherever your destination is.

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